​​Events and Activities

Fly outs. Many organized fly outs to area restaurants and places of interest are facilitated through a GroupMe app which insures the inclusion of all interested pilots on the park. There are close to 40 runways within a 30 mile radius of Salome--most are dirt, but some are paved.

EAA. Indian Hills Airpark hosts EAA Chapter 1144. Meetings are held in the Airpark Pilots Lounge the second Saturday of the month with lunch at noon, and the meeting at 1 followed by interesting programs on aviation.

Social Events. Residents of our Airpark enjoy a variety of social events organized by its members. This past year there were gatherings to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day. In addition there are nightly gatherings and many hangar parties. Dune buggy rides in our very interesting desert  are another popular activity. Not a social person? No worries, there are many airpark homes that provide privacy as you enjoy the great Arizona winter weather.

History. Salome has a rich history. There are several movies about Salome and many books written about our great Sonoran Desert along with many other interesting books written about the Arizona area. An author friend lives nearby who has two books out. The stories take place here in Arizona. "Shadows in Jerome" and "The Outdweller" by Curtis D. Vick. These books will give you some of the history of Arizona. Available at Author house, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

​​Medicine. The medical clinic is located right across from the pilots lounge and includes a helicopter pad.

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