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FEBRUARY 28, 2015
Page 1
The Annual Meeting of the Indian Hill Airpark Association was held on February 28, 2015 at 10:00 am in the
Community Room. President Jerry Breeyear called the meeting to order. Other Board Members present were Barb
Steier, Vice Pres; Eileen McFarlin, Sec; Dave Miller, Treas; and Jeff Helmericks, DAL. There was a quorum with
all Board members present. Jerry asked if there was a quorum of Members; Yes, a quorum with 52 members.
Jerry noted there are 3 purposes of the Annual Meeting: Reports to the Members; interaction between the Members
and the Board; and the Election of Board of Directors and the Architectural Committee. There is 1 required Board
Meeting, which is held immediately after the Election, by the newly elected Board members.
Jerry asked all the Members in attendance to stand up and introduce themselves.
Jerry said Thank You to all the Board Members and the Architectural Committee for their volunteer work. And also
a thank you to Roger Pries –weed control; Peter Petrus – the Fence; Joe Kelsey – Weeds; Vetie – Exercise Room.
Our Airpark is in excellent condition; although a few owners need to take care of extra ‘stuff’ on their lots, which is
covered in our CC&R’s. Jeff Helmericks also said thank you - to the Board for their work, and to Dave Miller for
the runway lights at night.
Jerry asked for a Motion to accept the 2014 Annual Meeting minutes; Leonard Felix made the Motion and John
Mander seconded it. Motion passed.
Treasurers Report – Dave Miller
Profit and Loss
As of February 28, 2015 - Total Income of $25,307.98, Expenses of $1,542.67, for Net Income of $23,765.31.
There was a question regarding Web Page line item for $98.91. Roger Kolbo has been paying GoDaddy and he was
reimbursed. We also paid 11 years ahead. In a discussion it came up that we should try to put more info on this
webpage such as our CC&R’s. Roger will look into this, as it will cost more for extra data on the webpage.
Balance Sheet
As of February 28, 2015 - Balance Sheet shows Assets and Petty Cash in the amount of $31,161.64.
With our current schedule, in 2016 it will be time to recoat the Taxiways.
A question about our Property Liability Insurance – it covers Visitors, not Members. It also covers the 2 lots across
the street (Harquahala) that are at the East end of our Runway.
2 members have not paid their Dues. – 1 is in Escrow; 1 is in arrears.
We pay $50 a month for Legal Counsel ($600 per year). He is an HOA Attorney on Retainer.
Joe Kelsey made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report and Roger Pries seconded it. Motion passed.
Architectural Committee Report – Chuck Schilder
There were 7 requests: 2 – Fuel tanks; 3 – Landscape; 1 – Windsock; 1 – hangar home on Lot B6.
Roger Pries thanked everyone for keeping their lots clean. He was asked who was available this year:
Jack Price, Bob Banks and Steve Kenfield. He did not have any prices available.
Fence Project – Peter Petrus
This was started 5 years ago using donations from members; and now the wall is done; Peter wanted to thank John
Moore for all his help this year. There were a few $$$ left. It was used at the East end: there is a patio, there are
memorial bricks, and next year there will be a Time Capsule buried in this area. Each lot owner will be given a
10x12 envelope to put in any info they want regarding them/their property. In 50 years it will be dug up…so Peter
is going to ask 4 High School students to participate as they will be here in 50 years (we won’t). Next year put up a
Flag Pole. Memorial Bricks are $15. Also, they repainted/restriped Parking lines and put in Parking Bumpers.
Election: Board - As there was only 1 person per position on the Board of Directors on the Ballot, Jerry asked for a
Vote by Acclamation for the new Board. Motion passed. The new IHAA Board Members: Barb Steier, President,
Len Felix, Vice Pres, Joanna Pries, Sec; Leslie Beery, Treas; Jeff Helmericks, DAL.
FEBRUARY 28, 2015
Page 2
AC - Chuck Schilder asked to be removed from candidate list for Architectural Committee. This left 5 candidates
for 5 positions. Jerry asked for a Vote by Acclamation for the new AC Committee. Motion passed. The new
Architectural Committee members are: John Kaney, David New, Roger Pries, Roger Thistle, Dave Wallis.
Jerry asked for 4 Volunteers to count ballots: Eileen McFarlin, Joanna Pries, Dave Evans and Leonard Felix.
Airpark Directory: Leslie Beery and Lizzie Kennedy talked to the Members about the upcoming Airpark Directory.
Other members on this project are Vetie Stenkamp and Becky Steier. They still need some photos and will be done
by April 1. Please notify them of any changes. New Directory in the Fall (hopefully). This is not a Board project,
this is a Members project!
We had a Guest, Dennis Patterson of Open Range Pest Control, who talked to the members for a few minutes. He
wants to warn us that Termites this year are bad. Look for marks on drywall and termite tubes.
11:10 – Jerry called for a break so the Ballots could be counted. 12:28 – Back from break/lunch.
85 Ballots counted. CC&R Change requires 75% of the ballots (64) to be Approved in order to pass.
Approved – 38 (45%); Not Approved 45 (53%); Abstain – 2 (2%). CC&R Change NOT APPROVED
Jerry asked and John Mander confirmed that he has withdrawn the 2nd Amendment he had submitted. Jerry said the
new Board could move forward with any submitted CC&R amendments.
12:30 – Jerry turned the Meeting over to the Members.
There was a lot of conversation regarding the Ruling by the Board on Helicopters at IHAA (2/20/15), and the second
proposed Amendment that was left off the Ballet.
-Jerry read what IHAA Attorney wrote to Board regarding the Ruling for Helicopter Operations.
“If an aircraft is not fixed wing it may not use the runway. An argument can be made that the fixed wing
requirement only applies to the runway, and not the taxi ways and Lots. That argument is hypertechnical and not
persuasive. The intention is that only fixed wing aircraft can be operated in the park. The Board has the legal
authority to clarify this in a rule if required.”
Jerry read the second proposed amendment from John Mander that was left off the ballet:
“The Indian Hills Airpark is limited to aircraft whose operational requirements do not exceed the length or weight
bearing capacity (6,000 pounds) of the then existing runway or taxiways. Helicopter operations are prohibited.
Emergency and Government vehicles are exempted.”
The IHAA Attorney wrote the following:
“I advise the Board that careful and seasoned consideration, research and study are appropriate on these matters.”
-Wayne Fletcher is heading a group to discuss another proposed change to 2A.
Several individuals responded to the various conversations by stating to the attending members:
-You read your CC&R’s before purchasing your property; abide by these rules
-We have to have CC&R’s and Architectural Committee
-NO one wants to run for the Board; you need to step up to the plate and not ‘beat up on them’.
Motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved. Meeting adjourned at 1:27 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Eileen McFarlin
Secretary, IHAA